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At Patriot, we take our coffee seriously. We are obsessed about the quality of our offering and we searched far and wide to craft a proprietary roast we could be proud of. In the process of creating our signature taste, we tried some of the best single origin coffees we could find. In the end the flavour profile we were after came from the most unlikely combination of sources.

The Patriot Coffee blend consists of four different bean varietals. Two of these varietals are given

a medium roast to preserve the delicate floral and citrus aromas they are known for respectively.

The other two beans are roasted medium to dark to add a rich body and a distinctive chocolate undertone.

This blend results in a coffee that is balanced in strength with a bold taste that leaves you wanting more. Our espressos retain their characteristics when used in our milk-based drinks and our Americanos deliver the signature Patriot flavour in an easy-drinking and memorable way.

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